The Red Mushroom

Briggs lighting experiment: Blog Post #4

I took three pictures of a mushroom in my front yard, one was with natural lighting, the next with natural and flash, then the last was with flash. I decided to solely use the mushroom as the subject of this project because I thought the lighting differences would be more noticeable when subjecting one object to change rather than multiple. Personally I liked the natural lighting best. The natural lighting did a good job at emphasizing the moisture on the top of the mushroom as well as capturing the small detail of the mushroom like the red coloring on top and the interesting texture on the bottom, the little specks of dirt gathered in places. although natural lighting was my favorite, I will say that natural light and flash really brought the green around the mushroom into focus, making the browns, blacks and greens seemed more vibrant. I waited till night to capture a picture of the mushroom under flash and it looked pretty spooky but the lighting didn’t do a good job at capturing the details.

Natural Light
Natural Light & Flash

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