Fishing For Socks

It is amazing how just about anything sounds like a great idea to do besides my homework the night before its due. I have so much work it is genuinely unnerving, but for whatever reason, I had the strangest urge to go for a run (I haven’t worked out in five months) or maybe even read a book? Possibly build a rope swing in the backyard?? I don’t know, haha. Just about everything sounds better than doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I guess that’s just the way I roll, succumbing to my duties only at the very last minute, after I have fished the socks out from behind the dryer, flossed all my molars and taken my dog for a walk will I do the one thing I am required to do. Is this because I am a rebellious youth? Surely not, considering I have reached the mature age of 20 years old. Maybe a professional procrastinator?? No, sounds too..professional. Perhaps this isn’t only one of my negative attributes. Could this symptom of procrastinating be a product of my conditioning? And when I say my, of course, I am referring to my whole generation. Because if I’m going down for not doing my homework, I’m dragging all the other stressed-out slept deprived college students with me! 

Published by margomo99

I am a junior at UT Tyler, studying Mass Communications and Journalism.

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