Morning Routine

When I wake up in the morning I like to drink my cofffe and read my book, maybe even scroll through my news feed. This helps calm and recenter me before I start my busy day. But this morning, for whatever reason, I was completely thrown off. Maybe it was the alarm that did not want to go off or maybe it was just me not wanting to get up, either way, I missed out on my peaceful morning routine. I was 30 minutes late, looking for a parking spot (which we all know is practically impossible, if late to the game). When I found one, it was so far from class that I had to ride my skateboard accross campus so I would not miss my quiz. ALhough I made it in time for the quiz, I think it’s safe to say that I was all over the place this morning. However, I realized while sitting in class at my desk, hair all frizzy from the skateboard ride across campus, I can still check my news feed through Chrome. And just like that, the joy of my morning routine felt almost restored. Almost, that is.

I chose Google Chrome as my RSS reader and found that my morning routine, though perfered liesurely, can be taken on the run, if need be.

Published by margomo99

I am a junior at UT Tyler, studying Mass Communications and Journalism.

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